Saturday, July 21, 2012

Getting with the Program

I'm just about done with the 10k program. I'm really feeling good about things. My running is improving. Not as fast as I would like, but it IS improving. I'm paying attention to my heart rate. I'm really not using any scientific method to 'keep to HR'. I go by feel. I know that I can carry on a conversation and run at the same time when my HR is around 160. Once I hit 180, it's all over. I can't talk, my breathing is heavy, I'm struggling. A heart rate of 170 isn't very comfortable but it can be sustainable. By that I mean if I'm in the 170's and I have 2 miles left to go, I can keep my current pace. With training, I try to keep my heart rate in the 160's. Doing my walk/run runs I tend to get higher, in the 180's if I'm out on the road. The treadmill keeps me at one pace consistently so it's easier for me to stay in the 160's. All this is to say, I think it's boring. I hate thinking about my heart rate. One could argue that it isn't really worth my time to worry about my heart rate. However, I want to use this rebuilding time to build a good fitness base. I want to build up my endurance so that I can sustain my way through a half marathon or a sprint triathlon and not bottom out at the last mile. What is my body telling me? Forget heart rate and just run, run to feel, run to get it done. My legs want to go so much faster than they are right now. My mind is the one that keeps telling my legs to slow down, let my heart get used to this exercise. Let my heart get used to how things feel while doing exercise. So, it's a battle. One that I know if I keep to the program and keep track of my heart rate I will be grateful for all this work down the line. However, even with this battle, I still want to keep going. I want to keep running, keep biking, keep swimming. I will say that there are some days I don't want to get out of bed. That I want to stay in the covers and just let the time tick right on by. However, the days that I do force myself out of bed are the days that I love my run/bike/swim the most. Good thing, as I start the half marathon training program this week. I signed up for the very cool Wineglass Half Marathon back in December. I'm looking forward to this for so many reasons. My only goal is the same I have for ANY running race: To run the whole time (maybe a walk break at the halfway point).

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry, for the Silence

Sorry for the radio silence these past few months. It was not my intention. However, a few things happened: work got busy, blogger (google) will not let you write on blogger unless you have google chrome or a more recent version of IE. This all adds up to me moving this blog to wordpress soon.

So, where was I? 
Surgery. Surgery went well, 4 weeks post op went well. I worked from home, had lunch with Phil while the girls were in school, it was a great 4 weeks. I didn't get out as much as I would have liked for walks. 

So, what now?
I'm doing a Hal Higdon Novice to 10k running program. I love it. Mostly because it allows for cross training and weight training. I have built in days that force me to lift weights, days where I can swim, days where I can bike... and not feel like I'm 'not running enough'. The most important piece of advice Hal gives on his plan is that it doesn't matter how LONG it takes you to do the miles, just that you do the entire mileage. I'm sticking to that like glue. I repeat it on my runs.

So, how IS the running?
OK. I'm taking a very slow approach. I run a 1/4 mile, walk a 1/4 mile, etc. until I hit my goal distance for the day. I'm about 2 weeks into it, and it's going well. I can already feel my legs wanting to go FASTER, FASTER. However, I'm trying to be smart and take it slow. My heart is still not up to going faster. As I continue I'm noticing my hips aren't aching anymore after a run, my back isn't sore after a run, in fact... NOTHING is sore after a run. I'm paying attention to form like never before. I'm stretching longer after a workout. I'm being SMART about things this time around.

So, really, how is it going? Really.
I'll be honest in the beginning I had a horrible attitude. I had all the horrible negative thoughts in my head: I used to run so much faster than this, I need to be faster, I'm better than this, I can't believe I'm this slow, etc. etc. 
I would follow all those up with one thought: Sure you were faster and going longer distances, but you also go hurt.
Now, with this training program I'm seeing improvement. Real improvement without killing myself.

So, the swimming and biking... what's up with that?
I love swimming. LOVE. Every swim I soak it up like a favorite meal. I love the new watch that Phil got me for Mother's Day allowing me to track my swim distances and lap times without having to do anything (it's a Gar*min 910X*T). It's the same for the bike. I still love my new bike. I love getting on and just going. I am now trying to keep track of my heart rate (the new watch helps with this) so I may not be going as fast as I used to but I'm GOING.

All in all, things are going well. Each day that I'm out there swimming, biking, or running I'm thankful that I CAN swim, bike, or run.

Look for more posts as I try to navigate around the road blocks that blogger has set up.