Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beginning of the Week

After the half marathon last Sunday I decided to take a week off. Mostly because a few short hours after my half, my knees were killing me and I could barely walk. I also decided to take the week off so that I could figure out where I wanted to go with my training during the first half of the 'long cold winter'.

It didn't take long for me to settle down and get comfortable. I ate what I wanted, slept in, enjoyed my time 'off'. Now, I'm facing this week of getting back into the swing of things. At the moment I don't have any 'A' races on the docket. In the next couple of months I have 5k's scheduled. That's all.

I think I may start out with just getting back in the water again. I really let my swimming go at the tail end of the season and I love it so much. I've got a training plan to help with speed. So, for now, I will concentrate on swimming and getting faster. I will supplement with some weights and core training. I loathe weight training. I find it tedious and boring. I understand the need, I just hate the thought of spending time in a gym and lifting weights. However, on those days I will add some interval training on the treadmill.

There is one race next year that I would love to get in shape for, the Peaks to Portland race in Maine. My family and I vacationed there yearly until I was in high school. My grandmother had a great house on Chebeague Island (near Peaks Island) and a cottage on the property. I would love to swim in Casco Bay.

Another race I'm seriously considering is the Pittsburgh Marathon or at least the half marathon. The company I work for is headquartered there, so I could work the Friday before hand at that office and stay with friends for the weekend. I'm still torn between the full and the half. I'm just not sure I want to dedicate so much time to marathon training when I really want to increase my triathlon distance.

Which brings me to... Which tri's to do next season. The one race that will always be on my race card is the Skinnyman in Skaneateles. My first triathlon and one that I love doing. Other than that one? I have no idea. Because I'm still not sure if I want to train for speed for the sprint distance or increase my endurance for an Olympic distance.

This coming week also brings me back to watching what I eat. I'll get back on the calorie counter bandwagon. It worked for me before, it is currently working for my husband Phil. I just hate counting every single calorie and logging it all in. It helps keep me honest and keeps my portions in control. Once I get back into it I'll start seeing the weight come off once again. Next week may see the return of stopping the consumption of sugary treats. My love of donuts knows no boundaries.

There will be more entries this week as I get back into my regular work out schedule and training. I did get seriously motivated and excited to bike tomorrow when I watched the coverage of the Ironman Kona yesterday. Nothing like seeing some serious athletes really push their limits to get you up off the couch to start your own race.

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