Tuesday, October 18, 2011

THIS is Why I Started a Blog

Saturday was the Run for Hospice in Greece, NY. The race itself was pretty much hell for me. However, Phil and my sisters nailed it. They all did great at their own paces and I was really happy to be out there running with them. I won't go into a detailed race report because, frankly, my run sucked. It threw me into a tail spin of self doubt and a 100% pure pity party. After talking with Phil, I rallied and now have new plans in place to get me where I want to be with regards to my fitness level. Also, as my wonderful friend Karen pointed out: You had a horrible race because you ran everyone else's race but your own!

Truer words have never been spoken.

Kirsten did her 1/2 mile kids fun run. She smiled the entire run, excited to be out there running her race. She was the youngest kid who did the 1/2 mile (there was a 1/4 mile where most of the kids her age ran). She came in last but got a high five from one of the volunteers and she got to break the tape. She did fantastic. SHE ran her own race. I should take a lesson or two from her.

I haven't done anything since Saturday. Sunday is a rest day for me, so nothing was planned that day anyway. Although, I did wheelbarrow one Lindsey with 8 pumpkins at the pumpkin patch so I should count that. Monday I was scheduled to swim. I dragged myself out of bed (after getting home late from my mom's), got my suit on and went to the pool. Only to find 6 others waiting to get in, the lifeguard was not there yet.

This is where it gets frustrating. I swim at the local HS pool. The lifeguard is all of 17 years old. She's also new. MY workout depends on her showing up on time. I waited 15 minutes before calling it a bust. I wasn't happy because this means no swim until Friday (remember, new schedule with Lindsey going to daycare). It also meant I had to do something after work.

I wanted to do something after work. However, I had work to do after work. Once dinner was done, Lindsey had a bath, kids were in bed, work kept me busy until 11:30pm. I didn't hit the pillow until almost midnight. My alarm went off at 4:40am and my body said, "HELL NO". Tonight, I run.

These set backs, these life set backs are why I started a blog. I'm a real person, with real responsibilities trying to fit it all in. I need to schedule and adjust that schedule to carve out the time needed to do the things I want, not just what I need. It's not always easy, but worth all the effort.

*Also for some real motivation check out the Kona Ironman race reports by Ange and Michelle. Links are to the left. They totally inspire me to keep going.

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  1. Sing it, sister. Get your butt back in gear and get going. Can't wait to hear about your new plan!