Friday, October 14, 2011

What a Week

I'm just going to let this week go. Life got in the way of training this week. It happens, I just can't let it happen over and over.

Next week Lindsey starts daycare Tuesday-Thursday. My plan for the weeks are as follows:
Sunday- Off
Monday- Swim
Tuesday- Run
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Bike (weather permitting) or Run
Friday- Swim
Saturday- Brick or long run (bike)

Once I set this schedule it will be easy to stick to as my family will know my expectations. This way should one of the girls wake up early (like Lindsey did again this morning, difference was she wouldn't go back to sleep), Phil knows what time I'm trying to get out of the house. A bike or run I can leave at 5:15 and still get in a decent work out. For a swim I have to be out of the house by 5:15 to get to the pool by 5:30. If I don't get to the pool at 5:30 my work out is cut significantly short.

Scheduling is the only way I know to keep the training motivation together during these weeks. If I get a plan, I will do my best to stick to it.

Very excited about the race tomorrow, should be a ton of fun.

*In some admin news for this little blog, I have changed the settings so that anybody can comment. You don't need a Gmail account or anything. Just choose the anonymous option and leave your name in the comment, or not. Would love to see if anyone is really reading. So, don't be shy! Thanks!


  1. *raising hand* I'm reading!

    The ONLY way I get my training in is by scheduling it. I'll bet it totally helps.

  2. I am reading! What race are you doing tomorrow? Kick some butt!

  3. I am reading too! This is great. Have a great race tomorrow.
    Katie S.