Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rest Day?

When you're a parent, there is no such thing as a true rest day. I love my girls more than anything but I would love it more if they slept in past 6am every once in awhile.

Today is a rest day from training for me. Perfect timing actually as we had a dinner guest last night and we stayed up late talking (11pm, on a school night? That's late folks). I woke up, on my own, at 5:45am. As predicted, at 6am almost to the second, I heard the bedroom door open and was face to face with Kirsten. 2 minutes later her little sister, Lindsey, joined her.

After getting up and making them their meals of Franken-Berry and Waffles with Syrup nutritious breakfast goodness I got to thinking about what really makes up a rest day.

For me, it's a day where I don't have to think about training at all. Where I can just enjoy my time with my family and slog through work without thinking about performance, hydration, speed, or length. A day where I still eat sensibly but cut back a little more because I don't have those extra calories burned.

I still have slight pain in my left foot. I'm not ignoring the pain, but it's not at the forefront of my mind either. I do stretches throughout the day and pay attention when it does hurt. I think another week of being gentle to it will solve the problem.

Next week starts a new chapter for all of us in our family. Lindsey will be going to daycare three days a week. This will allow Phil to go to doctor's appointments, make phone calls, get a rest in when needed without worrying about either of the girls (Kirsten is currently in pre-k until 1pm during the week). The daycare is in the same building I work, so I won't be able to swim on those days (that would require that I swim, go back home and get Lindsey, and then go to work: Not logical). Which is fine. I just need to remember to make the adjustment to what I'm doing and when. I'm sure Lindsey will love daycare after the initial couple of days.

For today? I will just enjoy my rest day.

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  1. I have yet to really enjoy a rest day. Must remember this post in a couple of weeks when I'm resting for a full week. Hope it works. :)